My mission is to help organisations realise their R&D tax credit potential.

It started as a graduate. I was working with one of the ‘big 4’ accountancy firms, undertaking my corporate tax training.
As an agile, dynamic team member, I turned my hand to various disciplines within the tax realm.
But I quickly found my calling in R&D.
I was fascinated by innovation and thrived off of seeing organisations rewarded for their efforts and discoveries.
13 years later, in 2012, Copper was born and I began my journey as an independent R&D tax specialist.
Claire in her home office with her dachshund, Roxy.

I’m passionate about supporting organisations and thrive on seeing success in innovation.

Why work with me?

As a chartered tax adviser, specialising in R&D tax credits, I’m highly recommended by SMEs and accountancy firms across the Midlands and London.

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No passing off between staff, you get me, every time.

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My approach is built on providing expertise combined with flexibility.

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Trusted and praised by clients and accountants alike.
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My Mission
Spot the potential for your organisation to benefit from the generous R&D tax credit schemes, taking you through a seamless process from consultation to final payout.
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Helping organisations navigate their R&D tax credit claims.

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Claire in her home office with her dachshund, Roxy.
MY approach
Understand the intricacies of your organisation’s R&D projects, translating the details to HMRC to ensure your work is properly rewarded.

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